Emirates reducing checked baggage allowance

Emirates is probably one of the most famous airlines outside of the three major alliances. Pairing up with Qantas, If you ever fly from Europe to Australasia, chances are one of their codeshared Dubai – Australia/NZ routes will be a consideration for your journey.

Tickets issued from 4th February 2019 (two weeks from now!) economy class passengers* who buy ‘Special' fares will have 15kg checked baggage allowance (down from 20kg) and those who buy ‘Saver' fares will have 20kg (down from 25kg). Business and First Class passengers' allowances will remain unchanged at 40kg and 50kg respectively. Passengers are free to check in as many items of luggage as they want so long as the sum total does not exceed their allowance.

As explained from this screenshot taken from Emirates' website

* Note there is a different baggage system for passengers to/from the Americas, and also those originating in Africa where the “piece concept” is used. Instead of two pieces of 23kg each the ‘Special' passengers will go from two pieces to one.

While the Middle Eastern airlines are doing well to uphold their image as a ‘full service airline', it is understandable that there is a reduction in baggage allowance. For the time being the premium cabin passengers still have some of the most generous allowances, but how long will this last I wonder?

If you want to lock in your checked luggage allowance for an upcoming trip at the lowest economy class price, I highly suggest you book immediately.

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  1. I don’t have a problem with reduced baggage allowance for low priced seats. But as a flier with family overseas, what would be useful is if the baggage allowance was flexible, i.e. 50Kg combined for both flights on a return ticket so I could take 30Kg out and return with 20Kg.

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