IHG Accelerate Q2 2017 – the same old…

IHG Reward Club's latest quarterly promotion starts today, 15th May 2017 and runs until 31st August 2017.

IHG Rewards Club Logo

I'll give some credit to IHG for keeping their quarterly promotions similar for the last couple of years to help the layperson understand Rewards Club a little easier. For the hardcore hobbyists like me it's a bit of a moment to yawn though.

The link to sign up for the latest promotion is here and everyone's promotion terms are individualised.

My offer totals 42500 points which is not that exciting, but you might be offered more. Interestingly I could even hit all the promotion targets with a single 7-night ‘Bonus Points Package' stay booked on their app, ordering over $70 in food and drinks, all before 30th June. (Though I don't think I'll be spending $70 for 600 points considering the same money can buy 10000 points via the cash and points trick!)

Others may not be so lucky though! Do share your offers in the comments if you get something interesting.

And don't forget to use this link to sign up!

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