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What is Points to be Made about?

This blog serves Europe's consumers. Its focus is to show how to earn and spend frequent flier (flyer if you're American) or hotel points more efficiently and effectively. There will be the occasional trip report from my own journeys, and possibly some rants too.

The name was chosen as for its dual meaning: 1) Earning more loyal programme currency, 2) An opinion or view being expressed.

The main topics that will feature on here are about Avios points, Flying Blue Miles, Lufthansa Miles and More and most of the global hotel chains. Occasionally non-Europe-based airlines run lucrative promotions targetted towards European residents which are worth mentioning.

How can you contact Points to be Made?

You can contact me by emailing: info [at]

If you are an individual seeking advice, please keep your questions specific to airlines, hotels, loyalty programmes or credit cards.

If you are a business seeking to advertise, run a competition or sponsored give-away, then please get in touch.


Why have I started this blog?

There are other popular blogs out there which are predominately based in the USA. The system is different over there and many of the earning methods simply do not apply here. I write this blog to share the method and also to promote this form of currency as I believe it is vastly underused/misunderstood in Europe. So in trying to fulfil my New Year's Resolution, I finally added my first post on 1st January 2013.

There is nothing ‘exclusive' or ‘elite' about so-called VIP programmes. It is easily attainable by most people, and I want to show readers, rookie or seasoned, how to play the points game more efficiently.

I also wish to critique airport lounges, hotel services and airline products. This is to show consumers that it's really not all that their marketing departments or stereotype make it out to be, and to get them to raise their standards occasionally!


Who writes Points to be Made?

My name is Tim. I enjoy travelling for as little money as possible. I can only afford to buy economy class tickets, and at a push premium economy. Almost all premium travel is done through air miles or other tricks of the system.

Of course premium cabins and hotel rooms are my favourite. I just try not to pay to get there. Whilst I won't say you can make a cash profit out of this hobby, you will certainly save huge amounts of money. You will be spending far less than Average Joe who pays for that first class seat beside you.

I try to use sensitive judgment when posting tips and tricks. There are many loopholes and methods which if exploited will be closed and the deal will be dead for everyone. The key is not to go too far with anything. Remember, a good deal is one which is long-lasting and neither party loses out.

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What do I hope to achieve?

We, the residents of Europe, do not enjoy the same fair share of the loyalty programme market compared to our North American brothers. I hope by creating awareness of their lucrative nature we can let credit card companies and European airline carriers take us seriously.


A note about plagiarism and copyright

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