My 5 favourite Flyertalk threads

Flyertalk is an indispensible part of the travel hacking hobby. There's no doubt that it is the largest gathering of like minded individuals anywhere.

But it can be truly overwhelming if you do not know where to navigate. While the threads you might follow will vary based on your geography and travel patterns, I wanted to present my favourites:


British Airways Tier Point runs 2016 Master thread.

This thread is a wiki combined with 250+ pages of discussion. The general attitude amongst Flyertalk members in the British Airways threads is pretty friendly, so there needn't be any guilt in asking novice questions. Also see my guide on Mega Tier Point runs

Mileage Run Deals

This thread is the beating heart of the air miles game. Readers old and new can learn a few things from here, though thread titles are often written in the format, (or similar permutation):

[Airline]:[Route][Price][Miles][cost per mile]

If you track this thread you will probably expand your knowledge of airport codes very quickly!

Premium Fare Deals

This thread is similar to the Mileage Run Deals above, but for business or first class fares. While rarely any of these will be of a price where you can think of mileage running (approximately 2-4cents per mile), the exception will be if you are flying Oneworld airlines and crediting to British Airways for their Tier Points.

See also my guide on Maximum Permissible Mileage ticketing.

IHG Royal Ambassador Experiences 2016

I've never had the chance to be a Royal Ambassador, so other than reviews from other nomadic miles and points bloggers, I can only go by this thread to make myself envious.

If you are lucky enough to be a Royal Ambassador though, it does neatly categorise past experiences from other travellers so you can know what to expect when you arrive.

BoardingArea's Fall

Perhaps through macabre pleasure or general curiosity this thread keeps things real. Yes there are some outstanding blogs within the BoardingArea network, and yes LOADS of credit card pushing, but it's amusing to see what others have to say about ‘the bloggers'.


Do you have any other favourite threads? Post them below!

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