Beginner’s guide

Amongst the most difficult things of playing the points game is how to begin and why. Certainly you may end up baffling yourself more than learning if you don't get the right support.

Let me try to answer the why: You can save money on your travels – big time. I recommend investing the 20 minutes to watch this video below to give you an insight to what life is like once you begin

Frequent Flyer from Gabriel Leigh on Vimeo.

Imagine being able to get the flight and hotels for your holidays mostly subsidised simply by learning a few tricks here and there. Imagine only flying business and first class for the rest of your life cheaper than the cost of an economy ticket. Both scenarios are easily achievable – the aim of this blog is to teach you the way of thinking and also the method.

Here I show step-by-step how to begin

I'll warn you though: if you can crack it, you will become obsessed…