British Airways Club Europe seat

Which British Airways Routes Earn 80 Tier Points Each Way (160TP return)?

A staple part of the BA business traveller is the European short haul business class. For nearly all routes this gives 40 tier points each way in Club Europe.

British Airways Club Europe seat
British Airways Club Europe seat

However a selected bunch of these short haul routes actually earn double Tier Points due to their extended length. Even though BA's business class seats often leave much to be desired, these routes are particularly attractive because you can sometimes snag great deals when the timing is right and earn a decent haul of Tier Points. (also see this article on how to find mega tier point runs) For less time and marginally more money than the typical short haul route, these routes can help rack up tier points efficiently when done correctly.

Please note this list has become quite fluid due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so double check against the official Tier Points calculator.

The routes which earn 80TP each way, or 160TP round trip are:

From London:

  • Albania
    • Tirana
  • Algeria
    • Algiers
  • Bulgaria
    • Sofia
  • Cyprus
    • Paphos
    • Larnaca
  • Egypt
    • Cairo
  • Finland
    • Helsinki
  • Greece
    • Athens
    • Chania
    • Corfu
    • Crete
    • Heraklion
    • Kalamata
    • Kos
    • Mykonos
    • Rhodes
    • Santorini
    • Thessaloniki
  • Iceland
    • Reykjavik (Keflavik)
  • Italy
    • Catania
  • Jordan
    • Amman
  • Morocco
    • Marrakech
  • Malta
    • Malta
  • Portugal
    • Funchal
    • Madeira
  • Romania
    • Bucharest
  • Russia
    • Moscow
    • St. Petersburg
  • Spain
    • Gran Canaria
    • Fuerteventura
    • Lanzarote
    • Tenerife
  • Turkey
    • Istanbul
    • Dalaman
  • Ukraine
    • Kiev

From Manchester, Birmingham:

  • Finland
    • Helsinki (note this is marketed or operated by Finnair. This route is particularly exceptional because Oneworld Flights not marketed by BA tend to earn either 40 or 140 Tier Points.)
  • Spain
    • Malaga

From Edinburgh:

  • Spain
    • Palma


Typically, flights to Greece, Malta, Morocco, Portugal and Turkey will have the cheapest fares as these tend not to be full of business travellers, but instead leisure flyers who will be more savvy with their own spending.

Before you book any route with the intention of doing a Tier Point run then you should double check against BA's Tier Point calculator in case of any reclassifications.


  1. Can you explain the comment on the flights from Manchester/Birmingham to Helsinki? Looked on the BA Calculator and can’t find anything other than 80 TPs for business class flights on any airline including BA.

    1. Sure. What you said is exactly my point. MAN/BHX-HEL on Finnair earns 80TP. Normally short haul flights on Oneworld partners will earn 40TP if it is under 2000 miles or 140TP if over. BA are usually pretty strict about this rule. So it becomes rather unusual if they give 80TP instead.

  2. To my discredit, I made three quick dashes to Helsinki CE at the end of my points year. Popped into town each time to get coffee, then security lets you get airside all night – there’s a lovely ‘quiet room’ around gate 23 with a bookswap in it, to nap and work in. A lovely trip, all three times.

  3. Worth pointing out that BA have now reclassified Moscow (DME or SVO) from the 140 points mentioned down to 80 points

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