Quicktip: 2000 free Lufthansa air miles with Oil and Energy Club

Do you remember I posted an article on getting free Star Alliance Silver, or “Frequent Traveller” status as few weeks ago?

Well I've been informed that the recipient of the new Oil and Energy club membership also gets 2 000 free award miles. So if your husband/wife/nephew hasn't gotten their act together yet, then tell them to do so by signing up here.

Membership requires approval by your “travel manager”, though given the giants like BP and Shell usually outsource their travel arrangements you might need to ask around for the right person! Membership will take few weeks to come through, but for free lounge access for as long as your employment, a €20 food voucher plus just under €20 worth of air miles, you can't really complain!


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    • I contacted them (because it takes 6-8 weeks to get the card!) and they confirmed it will be sent to the home address.

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