2019 British Airways and Iberia Avios peak and off-peak calendar

The peak and off-peak Avios redemption calendars for 2019 are presented below for British Airways and Iberia. You can read this page in combination with the Avios award chart page, or the BA Avios Spending Calculator

Note the 2020 Calendar is now available here.

You can book your Avios flights on either the BA or Iberia websites, taking note of the peak (blue) and off-peak (green) dates in the calendar below.

Aside from pointing out that there are different off peak systems for BA and Iberia, the main things to note are:

  • If you are flying on an Iberia marketed and operated flight, you should move your Avios points to your Iberia account there, as you will not be charged “carrier imposed charges” a.k.a. fuel surcharges. This has a significant saving if you are flying long haul routes.
  • There is no February half term holiday period for Iberia, so the entire month is off peak.
  • Easter 2018 on BA is 3 consecutive weeks, whereas Iberia uses some rather sporadic blocks. This can be handy for long-haul travel, but you will need to separate your Avios redemptions for maximum savings.
  • The summer 2019 peak period lasts 9 weeks on BA while on Iberia this lasts for (more or less) 13 weeks.
  • October UK half-term holiday period lasts over 3 weeks for British airways but mid-week redemptions are off-peak.
  • Note the complexity of the December periods of Iberia, compared to BA's two halves. As many Christmas period travellers will know, the week between Christmas Day and New Year is usually a quiet one, so it feels strange to me that BA still counts that as a peak period.

British Airways 2019

In all charts, green = peak, blue = off-peak


Iberia 2019

In all charts, green = peak, blue = off-peak