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Register NOW: Up to £50 off your first Amazon Business order

For a very short period of time you can sign up for free to Amazon Business to claim a 25% discount voucher if you are self-employed or have a company registered anywhere in the EU.

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You have one week, until 14th September 2019, to get a FREE account and use the promotional code “B2B25OFF” which will get you 25% off your next purchase with a maximum discount of £50.

Sign up using this link. Your business can be established anywhere in the EU and your Amazon Business registration will be valid across all Amazon EU business sites.

You do not need a VAT number to use it, but they will verify you have a legitimate business, whether you act as a company or as an individual.

You will need to click on our links for the promotion to trigger though. You will also need to await the confirmation email from Amazon to say your account is ready to use. This usually takes between 12-48 hours. You can use the code up to 17th September 2019.

This is especially powerful if you use the EU Reverse Charge mechanism for 0% VAT on cross-border orders (I explain how it is done on Amazon here), something which I use a lot.

You will only be able to sign up for one business per account as Amazon's back end system recognises your email if you use any other site to log in.

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