Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Privium Lounge now open on Saturdays.

Perhaps the headline looks a little out of place in 2016, but the Privium Lounge in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is finally open on Saturdays, bringing it in line with other lounges of the world to open 7 days per week.


I wrote a review of my experience being a member of Privium, though I since let it lapse. I have also become a nomad and axed Schiphol as my home airport.

One key difference between then and now is that Schiphol has moved to a Central Security arrangement, so Privium is now a landside lounge. Members do get to go in the dedicated ‘priority passengers' screening, which I have never had more than 2-3 people in front of me.

Perhaps they could also learn from this lesson though…

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