7500 bonus Hilton Honors points for 2 stays – valid until January 2020.

A new Hilton Honors promotion appeared today, though it is quite modest in nature.

Under this promotion you will earn 2500 points after your next stay, and then another 5000 points after the 2nd stay, making 7500 points in total. For context a points redemption at a Category 1 hotel, e.g. Hurghada, is 5000 points. So obviously this is not going to be a game-changer of a promotion but it's the “every little helps” kind.

To register for the promotion you need to login via this special landing page.

If you are unfamiliar with how Hilton Honors points work, you can also follow the beginners' guide I wrote here.

One rather bizarre addition of the Terms and Conditions is that it says the promotion is only available to recipients of an email invitation, but the sign-up page would suggest you can create an account for the purpose of joining this campaign. Still you have nothing to lose for 5 seconds of your time.

This offer is only valid and exclusive to the recipient of the email invitation, is not transferable and is one-time use only. To accept this stay challenge with Hilton Honors™ you must first register your Hilton Honors™ account number prior to completing stays within the promotional window. You must be a Hilton Honors™ member to participate or join Hilton Honors™ at the time of registering for the Promotion.

If you have not already, and you are planning to stay at a Hilton in the next 2 weeks, you should also register for the “Go More, Get More” promotion for an extra few thousand points which runs until 8th September 2019.

Remainder of the key terms and conditions below, or in full here.:

Offer valid for stays now through 31st January 2020 (i.e. check out must be performed before this date too)

Must book via Hilton directly, not via online travel agencies.

Points bookings are ineligible.

6-8 weeks for bonus points to be credited to your account.

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  1. Ugh… Captcha after captcha after captcha. I think Hilton wins hands down on the most annoying website to sign in to.

  2. Looks like it has been pulled

    Resource at ‘/content/hilton-promo/en_US/7500-points-media/landing.html’ not found: No resource found


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