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A couple of decent Tier Points routes on Cathay Pacific

British Airways Executive Club (BAEC) has an unusual tier level qualifying system in that distance actually has a minor role in deciding your status. Instead they look at a combination of 1) how many premium cabin tickets you have paid, 2) how many segments you have flown and 3) if those segments were short/long haul.

It is extremely difficult to get any BA status flying economy only. The most efficient method is to fly a couple of cheap premium cabin segments to boost your tier points.

The short/long haul threshold for British Airways flights and its partners is 2000 (nautical) miles. Below which you get 40/60 tier points in business/first class and above which you get 140/210. Fortunately Hong Kong and Jakarta (HKG-CGK) is 2015 miles apart and just falls into the long haul category.

Bear in mind to qualify for BAEC Silver, which is oneworld Sapphire and gets you business class lounge access, you need 600 tier points in a rolling calendar year, so 5 long haul business class or 3 long haul first class will get you your status.

So with that said, take a look at Cathay Pacific's fare from Taipei to DPS, Indonesia, pricing at €644 or £543.

a screenshot of a flight schedule

And Taipei to Jakarta is €537 or £451

a screenshot of a flight schedule

Seoul to Jakarta is €805 or £677

a screenshot of a flight schedule

And Seoul to Bali is €725 or £609a screenshot of a flight schedule So with the cheapest fare at €537 gaining 360 tier points (ICN/TPE to HKG is less than 2000 miles so gets forty tier points, thus (40 + 140) x 2) at a rate of €1.49/TP while these aren't exactly tier point run worthy fares, which I'd classify at less than €1/TP, they're great if you are in South Korea or Taiwan and want to head to Indonesia. Bali's meant to be pretty exotic I hear? πŸ˜‰

You can book the fare by clicking here.

(Full disclosure: This is my referral link for Cathay Pacific. If you complete any transactions through this link I receive a small bonus, for which I'm extremely grateful. The cash that's generated from using this link offsets my costs of running this blog. Thank you!)



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