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Air France: Travel all around the world from Portugal & Spain in Premium Economy from €798/£664

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Great fares to travel in Premium Economy with Air France from Spain and Portugal pretty much in any direction. (See map below)

Not all the destinations listed are available for the list of origins quoted, but the discrepancy in this case is not more than €50.

So far this is what we could find:

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Where can I go?

Starting airport: Barcelona,Lisbon, Madrid Porto

Connection airport: Paris Claude de Gaulle

Destination airport:

  • Bogota €921
  • Bombay €836
  • Cape Town €832
  • Fortaleza €984
  • Johannesburg €831
  • Guadeloupe €981
  • La Havana €947
  • Lagos €832
  • Lima €900
  • Luanda €825
  • Martinique €980
  • New Delhi €835
  • Panama €925
  • Punta Cana €994
  • Quito €912
  • San Salvador €995
  • Santiago €973
  • Seoul €798
  • Singapore €885
  • Tokyo €856

a screenshot of a flight schedule

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Dates you can travel

Biggest availability for this fares in between April and May 2020 with some probabilities to find them in different times of the year.

There is a minimum stay of 6 days and a maximum stay of 12 months. 14 days advance purchase also required.

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