Amazing €999 KLM Business Class fares ex-Germany to China!

There are some outstanding fares to China on KLM Business Class departing from Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin connecting in Amsterdam. Fares are pricing at around 999EUR, or 1156USD or 765GBP all taxes includes except for a 15EUR credit card fee which is waived if using debit card. The official deal page is here.

KLM Business class seats

There are 3 Chinese cities on offer: ChengDu, HangZhou and Xiamen.

You need to book by 31st March 2015 and travel dates are from 15th February 2015 with no latest outbound date. Stays are between 7 days – 1 month. To get these fares outbound needs to be on a Tuesday/Thursday and the inbound on a Monday/Wednesday, with ticketing at least 30 days before departure.

Admittedly not being an expert on KLM, what is notable are the flights to ChengDu which are operated on a Boeing 747, and therefore get the New World Business Class. The HangZhou and Xiamen routes are on Boeing 777 which if they have gotten round to retro-fitting them could have either the old or the new versions.

Check this post from KLflyerRalph for a decent overview and selection of Business Class seat pictures.

Whilst previously I would have said use ITA Matrix to search for flights, it has been extremely buggy recently. Therefore my current suggestion is to use Google Flights with the appropriate filters. Just click on the outbound date and wait a few seconds for the prices to load, then similarly with the return date.


(Hat tip to Alvin!)

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  1. I don’t understand this sentence: “You need to book by 31st March 2015 and travel dates are from 15th February 2015 with latest outbound date.” So you need to fly by Feb 15th with 30 days prior booking, but can book flights until March 31st???

    • Accidentally missed out a key word. There is no latest outbound date, but you need to book travel from Feb 15th with a minimum of 30 days advanced purchase.

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