Free Instant Gold status with…

…Starbucks! Well let's face it, who doesn't like free status?

Starbucks logo

Starbucks logo

I can't say this will be a life changing addition to my air miles arsenal, but Starbuck are giving away free Gold status to those who sign up to their UK programme in the month of January. You might need to pick up a card in store, but if you ask around nicely I'm sure it can be arranged!

Here is the sign up page. A quick note – the instant status is meant to be for new signs ups only, but if you already have an account with them you could be sneaky and register a different email address.

If you ever visit Starbucks in the next year, and let's face it…who doesn't mind paying 3 times the high street cost for coffee, then here is what Gold status brings you:

Gold Level

You’ll receive 1 year of Gold level membership when you use your loyalty card (or our app) to collect 50 Stars within 12 months.

  • You still receive all the benefits that our Green level members have, but here are some added extras:
  • Free Extra Shots

Get an even bigger boost. Have an extra shot – or more than one – for free.

  • Free Syrups

Add some extra flavour to your drink with our selected free syrups.

Complimentary flavour choices include Caramel syrup (regular or sugar free), Vanilla syrup (regular or sugar free), Hazelnut syrup (regular or sugar free), Cinnamon syrup, Almond syrup, and Peppermint syrup.

So whether you like coffee or not, free status is never a bad thing!

Here is a screenshot of my gold status confirmed. The terms and conditions say you need £5 in there, but mine went through without any money. It takes around 24-48 hours for the status to show up.

Starbucks gold

(H/T to Economy Class and Beyond)

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  1. Just to be clear though this is only for Starbucks UK….These benefits and requirements are only unique to the UK and the card registered in the UK can only be used in the UK…so unless you spend a ton of time in the UK this isn’t beneficial..May want to clarify that and change your title so it isn’t clickbait.

    • Given how many blogs make a big thing of an offer without making clear it’s US-only, I think it’s only fair that us Brits get our own back from time to time 😉

        • The first comment on today’s HfP points article about the Ibis business card was someone complaining that the offer wasn’t as good as the headline made out it was, so even Raffles isn’t immune these days!

          A couple of years ago there was a really good weekly blog calling out the worst of the travel bloggers (eg 30 credit card links in one post!), maybe we need something like that again to help people recalibrate what’s worth complaining about and what’s really not too bad after all…

  2. The other big tip with the Starbucks card is that you earn stars on a purchase, not on an item. If you buy a coffee and a pastry together, it’s one star. Ask the staff to put that through as two purchases, and you’ll get two stars. They’re normally happy to, as it only takes 5-10 seconds extra, as long as you tell them before they begin ringing things up. Makes a big difference in how quickly you get the free drinks, and also for requalifying as Gold for next year!

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