Athens to Asia and Africa in Business Class with Saudia starting from €652/£556


Saudia is probably not an airline we would usually post but recently we have noticed some outstanding Business Class fares to go from Athens to several destinations in Asia and Africa. Reasonable priced fares can be also found from Rome, Madrid or Milan but not as impressive as the ones originating in Athens.

Don't forget to check on Where to Credit to see how many miles you'd get in Flying Blue and other SkyTeam partners.

Where can I go?

Starting airport: Athens

Connecting airports: Jeddah

Destination airport:

  • Bangalore €909
  • Bombay €717
  • Chennai €694
  • Colombo €742
  • Dhaka €886
  • Hyderabad €929
  • Guangzhou €751
  • Jakarta €692
  • Johannesburg €715
  • Kuala Lumpur €747
  • Lahore €733
  • Male €742
  • Manila €652
  • Mauritius €762
  • New Delhi €703
  • Singapore €776

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Dates you can travel

These fares are mostly available in between February and June 2020.

There is no apparent minimum nor maximum stay for this fares as well.

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