Big Flying Blue prize draws for certain European residents!

Flying Blue have got an interesting competition running for residents of selected European countries.


There are separate draws for each country, with different maximum prizes, number of prizewinners and spread of prizes. To be eligible for entry, you need to:

  • Take a flight of any cabin and distance (award tickets excluded) during the period specified for each country
  • Some countries may require a certain booking period too. Read the description of each country carefully.
  • Have your Flying Blue account registered to a mailing address in the applicable country

The entry links and a brief description of what's on offer is categorised below by country.


United Kingdom

Book and fly between 30th October to 31st December 2014.

1st prize: Pair of Business Class tickets (including taxes and fees) to anywhere you want!
2nd prize: iPad Air Wifi 16GB
3rd Prize: £100 shopping voucher

Entry link here. (This page has some contradictory information, as it looks like they were using a template). Terms and conditions here.


Fly between 10th October to 12st December 2014.
5 prizes of 140 000 miles each

Entry here, terms and conditions here.



5 prizes: 1x 140 000 miles, 1x 100 000 miles, 3x 40 000 miles

All Austrian entrants will receive a voucher with a value of EUR 80

Entry link here, Terms and conditions here



Entry link here (in French), terms and conditions here (in French).

1st Prize: 120 000 Flying Blue miles
2nd Prize : 100 000 Flying Blue miles
3rd and 4th Prize: 60 000 Flying Blue miles
5th to 7th Prize: 50 000 Flying Blue miles
8th to 11th Prize: 40 000 Flying Blue miles.


There are probably other countries with competitions running, so you might need to alter the links to find them. These were the ones I found. If you live in a country that wasn't mentioned, you could just temporarily alter your address to suit. Good luck!

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