a large white airplane on a runway

Brazil to Europe in Premium Economy with Air France starting from €896/$992

a large white airplane on a runway

Noteworthy fares have been released by Air France for those in Brazil traveling to Europe in Premium Economy.

So far this is what we could find:

Where can I go?

Starting airport: Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro Galeão, São Paulo

Connecting airports: Paris Charles de Gaulle

Destination airport:

  • Barcelona €1,000
  • Berlin €1,083
  • Dublin €1,083
  • Geneva €1,006
  • Hamburg €1,039
  • Frankfurt €1,095
  • Lisbon €898
  • London €1,096
  • Madrid €978
  • Manchester €1,094
  • Marseille €1,095
  • Munich €1,052
  • Porto €896
  • Rome €1,084

a screenshot of a plane

4,055 Brazilian Real equals 896.15 Euro

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Dates you can travel

These fares are mostly available between March and May 2020.

A minimum stay of 7 days is required and a maximum of 90 days, with a 14 days advance purchase.

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