British Airways BOAC centenary livery arrives!

Arriving fresh from the paint shop in Dublin, the 1964-74 British Overseas Airways Corporation liveried jumbo jet, registration G-BYGC, was welcomed to Heathrow yesterday.


Even though only one aircraft is painted in these colours you have plenty of time to spot it. It will continue to operate until 2023 after which it will be retired in favour of A350 and B787s currently on order.

You can track future flights over the @BARetroJets Twitter page, which will regularly publish which routes are being operated by G-BYGC. This week includes New York, Chicago and Lagos.

If you are particularly keen to see it mid-flight you can also track it using Flight Radar by tapping in the flight number.

Kevin from Economy Class and Beyond was invited along to the special event, and also posted about the event.

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