British Airways Euro Traveller (economy) fares from £19 each way.

A couple of years ago I wrote a pretty opinionated article about how BA had trashed their brand and how it was becoming more and more like a low cost carrier.

As much as I hate it mirroring low cost carrier practices, I do like the sound of sub-£20 economy class fares (strictly speaking, £39 round trip, because you cannot buy them one-way only) especially if they fly from  Heathrow or Gatwick and I can avoid the indescribable airports of Luton and Stansted which the blue-and-yellow airline would drop you off.

Doing a quick search on the “Cheapest Fare Finder” page on BA's website, advertised each-way fares for a 2-night stay can be bought for:

  • £19 Malaga
  • £22 Alicante
  • £23 Barcelona
  • £24 Bordeaux, Luxembourg
  • £25 Faro, Geneva, Genoa, Lanzarote, Naples, Venice
  • £26 Tenerife (South)
  • £27 Sardinia, Verona
  • £28 Amsterdam, Bilbao, Seville,
  • £29 Friedrichshafen, Nice (don't forget to check out this day trip to Monaco trip report)
  • £30 Dublin, Malta, Rome.

Lanzarote, Tenerife and Malta earn double the normal amount of Tier Points, which is especially good if you are able to secure a Proactive Online Upgrade to Club Europe which would earn 80TP instead of the usual 40TP. Even in economy class though, considering the huge distances they cover, I would rate this sale rather highly.

Don't forget there is a 24-hour cooling off period on all BA flights so you can still get a full refund if you change your mind for any reason.

As these are economy class flights, they are not typical of doing tier point runs unless you get the proactive online upgrade mentioned above. You should check my “How to Find Mega Tier Point Runs” post if you want to maximise your attack.



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