British Airways luxury sale – Every great deal we could find!

British Airways have launched their Luxury Sale campaign, most likely due to the revenue impact from Coronavirus. As with all times of great depression come great air fares. To save you some time we have gathered them all below for your convenience.

As there are loads of routes mentioned you will need to either look at the Low Fare Finder, or go to the sale page here.

You will need to book these fares by 23:59hrs (GMT) 17th March 2020.

Deals from the UK & Ireland

Business Class

  • Dublin to Boston, Miami, Orlando starting from €1,650
  • Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Manchester or Newcastle Upon Tyne to Montreal, Nashville starting from £1,364
    To Calgary, Chicago, Toronto, Washington starting from £1,458
    To Boston, Punta Cana and New York starting from £1,612
  • Inverness to New York starting from £1,443

First Class

  • London to Chicago, Nashville, Mumbai, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington starting from £1,993

Deals from Central Europe

  • Amsterdam or Rotterdam to Rio de Janeiro starting from €1,663
  • Brussels to Montreal, New York starting from €1,665
  • Budapest to Boston, Chicago, Miami, Tampa, Toronto, Washington starting from €1,511
  • Luxembourg to Boston, Chicago, Montreal, New York starting from €1,574
    To Orlando, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Washington starting from €1,807
  • Prague to Atlanta, Baltimore starting from €1,736
  • Salzburg to Bangkok starting from €1,884
  • Warsaw to New York starting from €1,475

Deals from the rest of Europe

  • Bologna, Genoa, Naples, Rome to Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro Santiago, Sao Paulo starting from €1,652
  • Copenhagen to New Delhi starting from €1,603
    to Rio de Janeiro, New York starting from €1,827
  • Lisbon or Porto to Boston starting from €1,512
  • Helsinki to New York starting from €1,660
  • Moscow to Boston, New York, Washington starting from €1,599
  • Oslo to Cape Town starting from €1,416
    to Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New York, Orlando, Tampa starting from €1,632
  • Sofia to Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington starting from €1,741
  • Stockholm to Miami starting from €1,627
  • Zagreb to New York starting from €1,776

Deals from the rest of the world

  • Cancun to Rome starting from €1,777
  • Chennai to Paris starting from €1,816
  • Islamabad to New York starting from €1,668
  • Nairobi to London starting from €1,789
  • Sao Paulo to Bologna, Hamburg, Luxembourg Rome, Palermo, Pisa starting from €1,856
  • Seoul to Barcelona, Dublin, Copenhagen, Helsinki Lisbon, Madrid, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, Warsaw starting from €1,753


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