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British Airways trials robotic bartender in SFO and EWR. Adds new World Traveller (Economy Class) blankets

Trialling a robotic bartender

For the next 2 months British Airways is partnering up with Barsys to allow customers to try and mix up their own cocktails at San Francisco and Newark.

I am quite surprised it is being served in Newark and not JFK, which I am sure has been chosen due to its lighter footfall.

In general I do like it when airlines give technology a try although I'm not too sure where the innovation lies here. Taking a look at Barsys' website this drinks dispenser looks to be a domestic scale item controlled by a tablet or smartphone.

As a fun addition to the line up though BA has created two cocktails inimitably named “Silicon Galley” and “Echo-Whisky-Romeo”. Up to 30 other cocktails will be available from the dispenser.


a group of bottles on top of a machine


If one of my readers is passing by these lounges please comment below how those two BA cocktails are!

New blankets, cushions and head rests

a woman sitting in a plane

Effective immediately for long haul flights out of Heathrow, and from Gatwick on 1st March 2020, There will be new blankets, cushions and a new headrest for customers in its World Traveller (long haul economy) cabin.

The cushions have a snazzy herringbone pattern and the blanket will have a fleecy feel. Props to BA, all the existing blankets will be donated to charities around the world.

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