British Airways trials robotic bartender in SFO and EWR. Adds new World Traveller (Economy Class) blankets

Trialling a robotic bartender

For the next 2 months British Airways is partnering up with Barsys to allow customers to try and mix up their own cocktails at San Francisco and Newark.

I am quite surprised it is being served in Newark and not JFK, which I am sure has been chosen due to its lighter footfall.

In general I do like it when airlines give technology a try although I'm not too sure where the innovation lies here. Taking a look at Barsys' website this drinks dispenser looks to be a domestic scale item controlled by a tablet or smartphone.

As a fun addition to the line up though BA has created two cocktails inimitably named “Silicon Galley” and “Echo-Whisky-Romeo”. Up to 30 other cocktails will be available from the dispenser.



If one of my readers is passing by these lounges please comment below how those two BA cocktails are!

New blankets, cushions and head rests

Effective immediately for long haul flights out of Heathrow, and from Gatwick on 1st March 2020, There will be new blankets, cushions and a new headrest for customers in its World Traveller (long haul economy) cabin.

The cushions have a snazzy herringbone pattern and the blanket will have a fleecy feel. Props to BA, all the existing blankets will be donated to charities around the world.

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