Deal of the day: €1458 British Airways Amsterdam to Bangkok business class

Thailand is probably on the bucket list of many travellers, young and old alike. Which is great because BA have got this €1458 fare going out of Amsterdam to Bangkok, presumably to compete against KLM. You can book on BA's Netherlands site.

© CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

If I may so oxymoronic, I would call this kind of fare and service ‘business class on a budget'. Not leading edge, but absolutely fine if you want a long sleep on your way to Asia, or boozing up in the lounge or on board.

British Airways Club World dining


Note though there is a 60 day advance purchase, so your earliest departure is the end of March, but the maximum stay can be up to 12 months, though in reality this is 10 months due to BA only able to book 355 days ahead.


There are also options on the inbound to transfer between London Heathrow and Gatwick, in case you are interested… 😉


Reminder that you can book over on British Airways Netherlands site.

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