Doing Amsterdam turnarounds for BA ex-EU ticketing

Part of the macabre joys of mileage running is seeing how you can deal with all sorts of chaos thrown at you. I remember having to run the entire length of Phoenix airport in 10 mins to catch the last flight to Honolulu and feeling the pain for 2 days afterwards.

But doing tier point runs to Amsterdam is nice and easy. In fact it's recommended as one of the ideal locations for new tier point runners to get acquainted with ‘the hobby. Below I have embedded a video from a TP run I did earlier in the year.

The key to all of this is the plane you go back to London in the same plane as the one you arrived. A far cry from the ‘direct' flights you sometimes hear about in the US where two flights might share the same flight number but you have to change planes and maybe walk across the terminal to get to your onward flight.

(As a side note, I have now included the above video in the “beginners' guide to AMS-JER tier point runs“)



  1. I’m considering this option at the end of Oct as my CX gold has now run out. I fairly clueless about the tier points focusing more on the avios. I’ve 560 tier points in my account but need 2 flights for bronze and 4 for silver – Will JER-LGW-AMS allow me to gain silver?

    1. You will need 40TP at a minimum for silver, so you can do the JER-LGW-AMS-LGW-JER so long as you book into K, L, M, N, S, V classes. The classes cheaper than this will only give you 5TP each sector so you need to be careful with booking your flights.

    2. For BA Executive Club Silver status, you need to fly BA at least four times and earn 600 Tier Points or take a total of 50 BA flights.

      BA flights are:
      * flights operated by British Airways, including franchises and BA CityFlyer
      * codeshare flights on other carriers with a BA flight number
      * flights operated by Iberia, including franchises, with an IB flight number

      Reward flights and agency or industry discounted bookings do not qualify.

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