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e-Race against McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris for Hilton Honors Experiences

Slightly esoteric, though I am sure there will be a crossover for those who like Formula 1 as well as collective a stash of points…

A few months ago I posted a Hilton Honors Experiences in which you could race against McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris in a one-hour session on Codemaster's F1 2020 PC game. You can see a short video of the last round of participants below:

The offer is live again and for 25,000 Hilton Honors points you can redeem on a first come first serve basis. The link to buy is here.

The offer is actually very good, especially if like me you are pretty good at the game but with lots of room to improve. You will get:

  • Access to a 60-minute practice session with McLaren esports academy drivers on Monday, April 19th at 7pm BST
  • Access to an e-race experience and Q&A session with McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris and other Hilton Honors members on Thursday, April 22nd at 6:45pm BST

You can buy the Experience until 8th April 2021.

You would need to have a copy of the PC version of F1 2020 which has lately been on a 70% discount on the Steam store, costing approximately £15 to £18 depending on which edition you buy.


    1. Hilton Honors points isn’t real money either. And for many people they never paid their own money for those points their employers did!

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