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Europe to China in Business Class with Finnair starting from €1,165/£994

a man sitting in an airplane

Outstanding fares from a large amount of airports in Europe to go in Business Class to China.

This what we could find so far:

Where can I go?

Starting airport: Amsterdam, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Lisbon, London Heathrow, Madrid, Milan, Manchester, Moscow, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rome, Saint Petersburg, Stuttgart  Vienna, Warsaw, Zurich

(Note: if you travel from Lisbon, this would classify as a 560 Tier Point round trip, which would make this great Tier Point Run too. See the 2000+ marginal Oneworld routes post.)

Connecting airports: Helsinki 

Destination airport:

  • Beijing €1,165
  • Guangzhou €1,474
  • Hong Kong €1,699
  • Nanjing €1,755
  • Shanghai €1,419
  • Xi'an €1,299

a screenshot of a flight schedule

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Dates you can travel

These fares are mostly available between April and May 2020.

The minimum stay is one Saturday night and there is a maximum stay of 1 month.

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  1. Coronavirus special airfares. Read the news, you can’t miss it. Airlines took big hits to their stock shares today. The fallout from this insidious China-originating virus is spreading very fast. It has appeared in Seattle with one hospitalized, and one death from this disease in Australia and has now infected most of East Asia. Who’s going to want to vacation, travel in a tube to/from China (or Asia) with this deadly disease, which promises to spread into a pandemic. But it is now firmly entrenched in the United States and, possibly Canada. Look for big fare sales in the coming weeks. Bigley sales.

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