Europe to Far East Asia in Business Class starting from €1,179/£1,022

Plenty to choose from Qatar Airways' latest campaign, this time with Business Class offers from a variety of European origins to several destinations in Asia.

Note that not all the destinations in the list have all the headline fares, but Russia, Norway or Sweden are typically the origins with the best deals.

The Qsuite is available from Berlin and Stockholm in Europe, and in Asia to Bangalore, Bangkok, Malé, New Delhi Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo.

So far this is what we could find:

Where can I go?

Starting airport: Berlin, Helsinki, Gothenburg, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Warsaw

Connection Airport: Doha

Destination airport:

  • Bangalore €1,469
  • Bangkok €1,179
  • Cebu €1,798
  • Goa €1,195
  • Ho Chi Minh €1,706
  • Jakarta €1,378
  • Kathmandu €1,281
  • Krabi €1,649
  • Malé €1,683
  • Manila €1,531
  • New Delhi €1,379
  • Osaka €,782
  • Phuket €1,377
  • Seoul €1,524
  • Singapore €1,439
  • Tokyo €1,630

88,186 Russian Ruble equals 1,178.15 Euro

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Dates you can travel

Plenty of availability for these fares in between June and December 2020. Although there are some limited tickets in the months before.

There is a minimum stay of 4 days and a maximum stay of 1 month. 30 days of advance purchase also required.

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  1. Nick, I hope you mean well but referencing the “Far East” is very colonial. I would humbly suggest the reference be further refined.

    1. Well…I’m of ‘Far Eastern’ heritage despite being a Brit. I don’t really see any issues and neither do my other Far Eastern friends!

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