Excellent fare: Europe – Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Premium Economy £600 (€683) return!

Here's a pretty feisty fare for those in need of long haul travel, or a not-insignificant haul of tier points on a modest budget, or even Elite Qualifying Dollars on American Airlines.

Cathay Pacific's fare between Stockholm and Hong Kong is currently selling for around £600 for Premium Economy (Price fluctuates a little as the original fare is in Swedish Krone). It's not an error fare either, and the expiry of the fare is 31st December 2017, and travel must commence before 31st December 2018.

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy seat

One thing to note, even though the London to Stockholm sectors are operated by British Airways, if you book through Cathay Pacific they will be booked under a Cathay codeshare, which may affect your mileage earning rates.

The other good thing about this fare is the one-way price is pretty close to half the price of return, which is very unusual for discounted premium cabin flights. (In this situation, it is because the taxes and airport charges going Europe to Asia are higher than the other way round)


Hong Kong is a fantastic place to transfer and burn some Avios as there are no fuel surcharges for flights departing Hong Kong, even on British Airways. Do beware that British Airways and Cathay have signed a slightly anti-competitive agreement with each other with regards to close-in ticketing.

This fare is bookable only on Cathay Pacific's website. You may need to use Google Flights to play around with dates first, as Cathay's website is a bit clumsy for searching through dates quickly.

Obviously, the short haul sector between Stockholm to London, is in economy class on British Airways, where if you want to eat or drink something you will need to buy on board, but booked into H fare bucket and earns 20 Tier Points.

London to Hong Kong is in Premium Economy on Cathay Pacific, which earns 90 Tier Points. This return trip would generate 220 Tier Points, working out to be £2.73 per Tier Point. For those crediting to American Airlines this fare gives 20% Elite Qualifying Dollars per mile flown in Premium Economy, and 15% on the Cathay-marketed but BA-operated segments. (So 2671EQD on the whole journey)

This is not a fare to do purely to Tier Point or mileage running purposes, but worth investigating if you need to head to Asia anyway. I bagged a couple of these myself!

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