Flying Blue are honouring their misguided status match!

Flying Blue recently ran a status match promotion for anyone wanting to get a fast-track gold status. News spread pretty damn quickly!

Then they decided to restrict it to Scandinavian residents, which is what was they intended all along, and also bring the closing date forward, then ending the promotion outright.

Well according to this user on Flyertalk it seems like they will be honouring those who weren't targetted for the offer.

so in less than 24hrs of posting the message on their FB page i have just received this:

Dear Tim
We investigated the situation and acknowledge that due to a mistake from our side the campaign allowed members from outside Scandinavia to apply for a Flying Blue Gold status indeed. Therefore we decided to stop the campaign. All members that received approval for their status match request, however, will still receive their Flying Blue Gold card as promised.
We hope you will enjoy all the benefits!
Due to this mistake it could take 2-3 weeks before your status will be updated.
We thank you for your understanding.
Kind regards,
KLM Facebook team


So this looks like a win for everyone!

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