Giveaway: AwardWallet OneCard

I'm giving away an AwardWallet OneCard, similar to the competition I held in September last year.


Just leave a comment below saying what you like most about AwardWallet. The deadline for doing so is 16:00GMT on Friday 2nd May 2014. I will announce a winner on Sunday 4th May 2014.

As per the AwardWallet website:

AwardWallet OneCard is a credit card sized plastic card with magnetic strip (which enables you to check in for your flights at airport kiosks ). The card will have your personal account numbers and program phone numbers printed on the front and back sides. The card can contain up to 30 different loyalty program accounts listed. We have two types of cards: gold and silver. Those AwardWallet members who have over 1 million miles and points will get a gold card and those who have fewer than 1 million miles and points will get a silver card. The cards will be shipped internationally as well as within United States via regular United States Postal Service.

Good luck!

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  1. What I appreciate most are the warnings when miles are about to expire — I hate losing something I can almost always save…if I don’t lose track of it.

  2. Already have a gold card so don’t need one. Just want to tell you how easy it is to use and how much I enjoy award wallet.

  3. Award wallet is a great site to keep tract of my miles and travel plans on one site. I really like how it shows anniversary nights, companion tickets, and other reminders

  4. Everything (almost) in one place. I love the emails when you have changes to your accounts and the ability to see your trips all in one place. Very easy to send someone you trip itinerary

  5. Really is a good organizer, and even with some programs making it difficult, it does provide a good place to put all the numbers in case you forget the login/number for some of your lesser used programs

  6. AwardWallet: the online and on-the-move ‘must have’ traveller’s loyalty resource…which cuts the cards I have to carry!

  7. I love that it will notify me when my points are going to expire so I can make the most out of them and plan a mini vacation

  8. I like that I can check all my balances in one place and the fact that I don’t need to keep 20 different apps to do that on my phone.

  9. I really like that I’m able to track all my programs and expiration dates without having to remember them one by one, or using complicated Excel files!

  10. I really love AwardWallet because it makes very easy to track all my programs in one place, without letting precious miles expire. It’s a good organizer for your trips, too!

  11. I would love to have an AwardWallet card because it would allow me to monitor all my fidelity programs in a single place. I would also love to learn more about the other features of this product itself.

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