Great tier point run opportunity, £642 (£1.14/TP) Abu Dhabi to Jakarta in Business Class with SriLankan Airlines

One of the best tier point run fares per £ is once again available, having been last been available at the beginning of 2019.

Starting at Abu Dhabi, and connecting via Colombo and onwards to Jakarta, SriLankan Airlines, this fare is available for £642 or €757. We found an example fare here.

As Abu Dhabi – Colombo and Colombo – Jakarta are both just over 2000 miles in distance these will both net 140TP per sector, so 560TP total for about £1.14/TP. This is exceptional value, and gets you 90% of the way to BAEC Silver, or 37% of the way to Gold. You will still need to get in your 4 qualifying flights though.

The flights are operated on A321neo aircraft so don’t expect mind-blowing business class, but rather a prosaic offering, like in the video below:


The fares are available for travel from January to March 2020, rising to £687 if going from April 2020 onwards (£1.22/TP)

Officially there is no minimum stay noted on the fare, although the annoy bureaucracy issues at Jakarta airport, as documented by one Flyertalker, plus Minimum Connecting Time will almost certainly mean it is far safer to stay at least one night in Jakarta.

There is a maximum stay of 6 months if you want to stretch this fare out to include a stay at Indonesia.

You can find the fare on Skyscanner here or via SriLankan Airlines.

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