Great Tier Point run opportunity to Helsinki, £195 for 160TP (£1.22/TP). Travel before May 2020.

The now perennial Helsinki Tier Point run is back again at the very sweet price of £195, equating to £1.22/TP.

There is one catch however. Assuming you want to return to your start point, the minimum stay is 4 days. However the ticket price is the same in both directions (i.e London-Helsinki return is the same price as Helsinki-London return), and it is permitted to nest tickets.

Moomin Coffee, at Helsinki Airport

The fare is available for travel until May 2020, but available dates are quite sparse for the London-Helsinki-London direction (see below image), so you need to play around with return dates a little bit. Check over at BA's Low Fare Finder.

Availability is a bit wider in the Helsinki-London-Helsinki direction, as below.

While you're in Helsinki Airport, you should review Finnair's newly-renovated business class lounge near Gate 50.

If you are looking to book this fare as part of a wider Tier Point Run, also check out my guide, or if you prefer to go to other destinations, also check the list of 80 Tier Point routes.

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    Are there any restriction imposed if one buys 2 one way tickets back to back (because BA will not allow me to book a return on the same day)?



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