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Hilton now confirms connecting rooms upon booking

It may come as a surprise, but Hilton has just become the first major hotel brand (that I know of) that allows for confirmed connecting rooms on booking. Though success rates are usually decent when requesting connecting rooms in the special request boxes, it was never a guarantee and so to be able to do this up front seems like a great thing to sort out before you arrive.

If you have young kids, then hopefully I won't need to explain why being able to have confirmation of connecting rooms is a stress saver! Even if you have elderly parents or adults with extra assistance needs, or even the night before a wedding, this would probably be quite a decent thing to be able to sort out in advance.

Or… if you can find rooms cheaper than suites, you can segregate various parts as per your needs. Perfect especially during these UEFA Euro Championships if part of the family MUST watch football and the others don't care a jot.


To confirm the connecting rooms:

  • 1: Select number of desired rooms, along with the destination and dates, and choose your hotel

a computer screen with a website on it


  • 2: When selecting a room, select the box to indicate connecting rooms

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If all goes to plan then you should be able to select your rooms, and should receive confirmation of you booking.

Hilton Croydon connecting room

Taking a look at a random day in July for Hilton Croydon, there were four different types of joined rooms available, which is great for flexibility of choice.

Bottom line

While not a game changing addition to the travel industry, I see this as genuinely helpful, especially during times of uncertain travel when there's enough stress on everyone's minds.

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