It’s back again…Instant Hilton Gold up to March 2015 for certain European countries

Hilton is giving Gold status to Visa Infinite cardholders again. Here is the sign up link. This time it's for residents of: Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. The offer closes on 31st March 2014, but the new Gold status will be valid until March 2015. If you haven't already got a Hilton HHonors account, then you can sign up here.


One of my first posts of this blog, back in January 2013, was describing how to use the Luhn Algorithm to get Hilton Gold for an almost identical promotion — the difference being ‘residence' had to be in Asia instead of Europe. However, this time round I won't be partaking in this offer myself and if you decided to use the same technique as last time then you need find the first 6 numbers of banks in the above countries yourself. Though in reality this is very easy if you Google the right key words.

Hilton have been known in recent times to revert status as they deem fit. In fact, in small print on the offer's page, it also says the following:

“This offer may be terminated without notice. Anyone found to have obtained status without holding a valid Visa Infinite card as detailed above may have their status rescinded. “

So this is entirely at your own risk if you don't hold a Visa Infinite card from the above countries. You are solely responsible for your own decision. On this occasion I won't be providing assistance further to what's already published. Though since I don't moderate comments,  commenters are free to help each other out in any way they wish.


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  1. If you live in a country on the list and have a Visa Infinite card, then my suggestion to you is to call up Hilton to sort this out. If you don’t qualify then wait for the next opportunity to get in. There’ll be plenty more!

  2. I have a feeling that it’s checking the IP address matches the country where the offer is relevant. So if you happened to be in one of those countries and knew the card number, you’d probably be okay.
    For those who have, ahem, mislaid, their Infinite Visa card and wanted to sign up, the link to the Luhn Algorithm in your previous post is no longer working. I can’t even remember the first 6 digits of my Czech Infinite Visa card. Anyone care to remind me?

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