Hilton Honors permanently increases points expiration from 15 to 24 months

Under normal circumstances it's rather rare for semi-frequent travellers to have points expire in their favourite loyalty programmes, but the Covid pandemic has seen many hotels and airlines overhaul their policies as the world fluctuates between various forms lockdown and free travel.

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So it's a nice touch then that Hilton have announced a permanent extension to their points expiration, going from 15 months to 24 months. After all, many of us will have had our regular business travel patterns heavily changed, and probably end up working from home on a more regular basis.

Nonetheless, if you have points expiring soon, you can keep your points alive for another 24 months by doing one of:

There are a scheduled 22 new Hilton hotels opening within the next year so keep a eye-out for new places to tickle your fancy.


  1. Two years seems like a reasonable amount of time for points to stay valid.

    I appreciate that the expiration of points can be extended with some activity; I find it incredibly frustrating how points with some programs expire with a set timeline even if there’s account activity – that’s just bonkers and not customer-centric.

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