IHG Accelerate 2019 Q3 goals

REGISTER NOW: Generous IHG Accelerate Q3 2019 Promotion, valid for September – December 2019

IHG Reward Club's Q3 promotion for 2019 is now ready for registration. You can use this registration link and the bonus points are valid for stays between 1st September – 31st December 2019.

Looking around other forums and blogs it seems there is wide variability in the amount of points being offered, ranging from just a single ‘goal' of 1000 points for a single stay to over 100,000+ spread over 5 goals. Mine is pretty good, 83,800 points, which is probably due to not staying in an IHG in the last 3 months and maybe they want me back:

IHG Accelerate 2019 Q3 goals

If you can't read the picture above, my goals are:

  • Stay at 4 brands – 16800 points,
  • Stay at 2 different Crowne Plazas – 8400 points
  • Stay 2 weekends (2 nights minimum) including a Saturday night – 5600 points
  • Book using points and cash – 4500 points (Ironic that this goal in isolation would actually cause a net loss of points!)
  • Book 2 Bonus Points stays – 6600 points
  • Complete all 5 above – 41900 points
  • Total 83800 points

In my example it would require a minimum total of 7 nights over 5 stays. As we need to spread our stays over multiple brands it makes sense to do the 2-night stays in cheaper brands like Holiday Inn or Holiday Inn Express where you can get as low as €30-€40 on a Saturday night.

An example of a strategy which would work is:

  • 1 night stay in a Crowne Plaza (Booked using points and cash)
  • Another 1 night in a different Crowne Plaza
  • 2 nights in Holiday Inn including a Saturday (Booked with bonus points)
  • 2 nights in Holiday Inn Express including a Saturday (Booked with bonus points)
  • 1 night in Staybridge Suites or Candlewood Suites

If you are in London one great place to trigger these promotions is around Heathrow Airport where you can find 2 different Crowne Plazas and at least 5 different brands (full list here). You should check Holiday Inn Ariel by Heathrow Airport and its surrounding hotels including the Staybridge Suites Bath Road and its adjacent Holiday Inn which share the same building making checking out of one and checking into the other a piece of cake.

Similarly you can do something similar at the other major airports around Europe.

If you combine the promotion with some of the tricks mentioned in my Beginners' Guide for IHG Rewards Club there can certainly be good value, assuming you get something similar to my offers. Just don't forget to register first for this Accelerate promotion.


  1. Mine was basically your first three, with no achievement bonus and just 29,000 points. I’ll pass like I have done the last several times.

  2. I am a spire member and am very disappointed with the Accelerate offers over the last few quarters, the “custom offers” being the issue. I see the rewards available on the travel sites and they have offers that could total to 80k points and I as a spire member find I have offers that equal 24k points in my “customized” offers. My family members have offers I could easily qualify for as my offers get worse an worse. I travel a lot for business and with my seniority often get to choose the hotel the whole team stays at….truthfully I’m leaning toward looking at the Hilton offers as the bonus program seems to be going to making it look like I could earn bonuses while making it the most statistically improbable option in my “customized” offer. Also, you have made it harder and harder to get to the current accelerate page. The 2nd quarter offer is still open and I can’t get to it to see how I am doing. This is really not acceptable.

  3. your offers look amazing… unfortunately what i’m getting from IHG just a low 30k points in total and stupid if i push all my stay in coming months just for this 30k points… i’m IHG Spire member since their first introduced this status, i think i’ll give up and moving over to Marriott with better benefits & offers…

  4. I must have gotten too many Accelerate benefits recently…. only got the 1 stay for 1000 points offer. In fairness, Accelerate is how I’ve racked up at least half my points in the last 2 years, most notably on a “stay in 5 different properties” for 45k that I achieved in 5 days by hotel hopping during a business trip.

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