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Indonesia and Thailand to Europe in Business Class with Etihad starting from €1,712/$1,907

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Etihad Airways has launched some incredible fares for the Southeast Asia to travel to Europe in Business Class.

So far this is what we could find.

Where can I go?

Starting airport: Jakarta, Phuket

Connecting airports: Abu Dhabi

Destination airport:

From Jakarta

  • Amsterdam €1,783
  • Athens €1,725
  • Brussels €1,945
  • Geneva €1,712
  • London €1,941

From Phuket

  • Istanbul €1,896
  • Manchester €1,796
  • Moscow €1,896
  • Paris €1,954

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26,614,100 Indonesian Rupiah equals 1,712.84 Euro

Book here with Etihad, and don't forget your 10% discount if you are an American Express cardholder.

Dates you can travel

A pretty broad availability for these fares, from January to June 2020.

A minimum stay of 3 days as well as a maximum of 60 days. 5 days. Advance purchase of 5 days also necessary.

Book here with Etihad

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