Is BoardingArea getting too cluttered for you? Tips to help you filter what you need

What is BoardingArea?

Started over 10 years ago, BoardingArea served to inform business travellers of air miles or other decent deals.

Fast forward to today, BoardingArea is more of an ‘aggregator' of articles written in all sorts of languages serving millions, probably billions of people of very contrasting needs all around the world

Who are the BoardingArea bloggers?

There are some BoardingArea bloggers who are more recognised than others. There are others whose names or faces you probably would not even recognise if they went on international television shows.

What you probably didn't know is that every blog works on an individual basis, so in some ways we are ‘competing' with each other, except in many ways we're not because we genuinely want as many readers landing onto the BoardingArea home page as ultimately it attracts advertisers – and maybe it can help pay for our next Tier Point run or whatever.

In fact if you click on the “our bloggers” link you quickly realise there are LOADS of bloggers. So many that I didn't actually even bother to count.

Filter what you need

Let's be frank. Readers in the UK and Europe (the majority of readers of this blog) probably do not want reminding that Chase Sapphire Preferred or whatever US credit card awarding 2 gazillion air miles for the twentieth time this year.

Also if you're unable to read the multitude of other languages that now appear on the main BoardingArea home page, then chances are you will want to filter out a bit.

You can either select a category to suit you, such as the “UK Blogs” filter at the top or one of the various other languages. Or alternatively bookmark one of the links below and just check your updates as you need from there:


Follow individual bloggers

Beyond filtering, you should try to follow individual bloggers whose style or content you identify with! Of course, being a Points to be Made reader you obviously want to follow our social media pages:

Or you can subscribe to our mailing list. (If you read on a mobile device you might need to scroll near the bottom – yeah I need a redesign I know…!)

Hopefully all these tips will help you get the information you need much more efficiently.

About Tim

Tim is an engineer and a nerd who analyses every travel deal, travel hack. He has travelled to around 90 countries and also speaks Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin.

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  1. Time to weed out some of the bloggers. Clean it up, tighten it down. Too many repeat topics. Get it down to 6 top English language bloggers (OMAAT and LiveLetsFly keep, the rest up for deselection). PointsGuy is probably the best site for uncluttered site right now. I used to like B.A. when it started out, but it’s quite simply become a litter pen – pun intended.

    • TPG also did some highly controversial (and illegal) practices which have been reported to the regulators in markets where credit card promotion is more stringent.

  2. This is a very helpful post. I’m a silly American who has watched boardingarea for years and was wondering why less and less of it seemed to be in English. Now I know!

    • I don’t mind BoardingArea’s plans for growing internationally and gaining multiple languages but the User Experience is dramatically deteriorated if you have to scroll around just to find posts relevant to you!

  3. Nice post. I’d read that there would be some filters coming but hadn’t seen them yet. Among some ironies, you can filter out blogs in foreign languages except sticking with English. Another is that I can’t choose US based blogs. Hopefully these issues will be fixed soon, since the technology is obviously in play anyway.

  4. How come there is no “english language” or “US blogs” filter? There is a way to filter away from these topics, but no way to filter to them.

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