Italian airports to Asia in Business Class with Qatar Airlines starting from €1,688/£1442

After some superb Etihad fares were released a few days ago from Rome to Asia, as expected its main competitor Qatar Airways has released as well some outstanding fares for the Italian public.

Where can I go?

Starting airport: Milan*, Rome 

Connecting airports: Doha

Destination airport:

  • Baku €1,658
  • Bangkok €1,688*
  • Beijing €1,688*
  • Bombay €1,973*
  • Colombo €1,974€
  • Denpasar €1,973
  • Hong Kong €1,689*
  • Guangzhou €1,832
  • Kuala Lumpur €1,834*
  • Malé €1,689*
  • Muscat €1,854*
  • New Delhi €1,831
  • Salalah €1,775
  • Seoul €1,835
  • Shanghai €1,688
  • Singapore €1,805*
  • Tokyo €1,861*
  • Yerevan €1,608

QSuite Available*

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Dates you can travel

Most destinations are more often than not available between May and June with limited availability between January and April. The usual minimum is a Saturday night and a maximum stay of one month.

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