I’ve been quoted in Business Traveller…

Sometimes I wonder if I have amnesia, as I don’t have much recollection of doing this interview, but Jenny Southan from Business Traveller magazine seems to have quoted me in her article called “Slash & Burn” which investigates the devaluation of loyalty programmes.

It online version is here (paid subscription required), but if you pick up the February 2014 edition of Business Traveller as you next pass through an airport or on a British Airways flight, it’s between pages 28-32. I don't want to lift text for copyright reasons, though my non-rigorous comments filter doesn't stop someone putting it on dropbox and linking it in 😉

Of the series of questions asked to me, I only got quoted on one:

“What is your experience of loyalty scheme depreciation?”

My response (credited to my Flyertalk username Tim nice but dim):

“There is no loyalty in loyalty programmes. Companies need to understand that customers plough thousands of pounds their way, but if they devalue their programme without a second's notice then this infuriates some customers.”

In addition, she interviews Brian Kelly, founder of The Points Guy, and also Randy Petersen, legend in his own right and founder of Flyertalk.

All in all the article is very well researched, something some other travel journalists could learn from. Too bad she didn’t link my blog as I could have done with that extra traffic coming my way!

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