Latest British Airways ‘Club Suites’ seats revealed – installed on A350s from July!

Over the last few days the British Airways Instagram feed has been teasing us with close-up shots of their newest Club World (Business Class) seats. Even their Instagram ‘Story' showed a countdown ticking down to 10:15GMT, though media outlets (including this one) got a surprise email at 10:00GMT.

The Grand Reveal

The new ‘Club Suites' will be installed in the A350 aircraft in July, and appears to be HUGE upgrade compared to its old Club World seats.

As it will be in a 1-2-1 configuration, every seat will have direct-aisle access AND a suite door which will enhance privacy which beats the retractable screen that currently divides the seats. Each seat will have a ‘vanity unit' and mirror, WiFi, electrical sockets (mains and USB), 18.5-inch inflight entertainment screens.

The delivery date for the new A350 will be announced in June, though we do know that it will have 3 cabins (i.e. no First Class), the Club World cabins will have 14 rows, meaning will have 56-seats. World Traveller Plus will also have 56 seats and World Traveller will have 219 seats. The aircraft will have in-flight WiFi.


If you do fancy being amongst the first to fly this aircraft though, BA will be flying the A350 between London and Madrid to allow for crew familiarisation. Whether this will substitute the Boeing 777s or complement it's unclear for now. But given it is on sale for 15000 Avios peak and a little less off-peak, it can make for a fun weekend away.

Then 1st October 2019 the long-haul routes will be launched. By this time there will be three A350 aircrafts, and two B777s will have the new Club Suites installed.


And finally, BA were so kind to release a seat map, which you will be able to see on their booking engine soon.

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