London to North America and Caribbean in Business Class with Virgin Atlantic starting from €1,498/£1,340 

Some good fares by Virgin Atlantic to travel between the UK and several destinations in Canada, the Caribbean and the US.

Some of these flights are partly operated by different airlines like WestJet for more regional Canadian destinations, or by Air France, Delta or KLM as part of Virgin's new joint venture.

Where can I go?

Starting airport: London Gatwick.

Connecting airports: Several options, depending on the destinations!

Destination airport:

  • Atlanta €1,718/£1,457
  • Calgary €1,748/£1,553
  • Chicago €1,743/£1,479
  • Charlotte €1,753/£1,487
  • Boston €1,728/£1,425 [Non-stop]
  • Halifax €1,710/£1,451
  • Quebec City €1,498/£1,340
  • Miami €1,647/£1,397
  • Montego Bay €1,583/£1,342 [Non-Stop]
  • Montreal €1,645/£1,395
  • Nashville €1,840/£1,561
  • Portland €1,620/£1,374
  • Ottawa €1,570/€1,332
  • Winnipeg €1,726/£1,463

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Dates you can travel

Limited availability for this fares in between April and June 2020.

The usual minimum stay is one Saturday night and there is a maximum stay of 12 months.

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