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London to North America in First Class Non-stop with British Airways starting from £1,962/$2,569


Decent First Class fares on British Airways to travel between the UK and several destinations in North America. This is a prime candidate fare to try and optimise you “Maximum Permissible Mileage” and also go for broke in the “Mega Tier Point Runs“. Nearly all of these would classify as “Eligible Flight” if booked on a BA flight number.

So far this is what we could find:

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Where can I go?

Starting airport: London Heathrow

Destination airport:

  • Atlanta £2,438
  • Boston €2,426
  • Chicago £1,962
  • Denver €2,439
  • Houston £2,427
  • Mexico City £2,213
  • Nashville £2,004
  • New York £2,248
  • San Diego £2,944
  • San Jose, Cal. £2,423
  • Seattle £2,213
  • Toronto £2,112
  • Vancouver £2,660
  • Washington D.C. £2,101

a screenshot of a flight schedule

Book here with British Airways

Dates you can travel

The availability of these flights is in between 27th March and 11th April.

The minimum stay is one Saturday night and there is a maximum stay of 12 months. 50 days advance purchase also required.

Book here with British Airways


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