Meet me at TravelMagic, Brussels 21st September 2013!

TravelMagic aims to bring together frequent travellers in The Hotel, Brussels on Saturday 21st September 2013 to discuss how to be best make the most of your points. All for the tidy sum of €99.


The seminars are tailored to beginner or advanced level depending on where your experience or knowledge lies. I've signed up for the Advanced track and will be attending as a spectator. I'm personally most interested in meeting Gabriel Leigh and his presentation about his “Frequent Flyer” documentary, which you watch see here


I can't describe how excited I am to be attending. Not least because it usually drives everyone around me mad that I'm talking about points all day every day, so to meet with like-minded people is a rare but wonderful experience.

Among others you'll get to meet the speakers:


If Kevin over at Ghetto IFE manages to avoid attracting more train delays then he'll be going too, so that's 3 BoardingArea bloggers in one place. (Ben Schlappig is also known as Lucky, and writes One Mile at a Time)

I still haven't booked my travel and accommodation there yet, so I don't know if I'll be joining pre- or post-conference events, but I'll keep you informed.

See you soon!

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