Special Status Miles credit from Lufthansa

If you have any form of Lufthansa Miles and More elite status (Frequent Traveller, Senator and HON circle) look out for an email from their CEO Jens Bischof with the subject “Special credit of 3000 / 10 000/30 000 status miles” depending on your status.

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This year's service has been marred by 18 days of pilot strikes, with some additional industrial action coming from air traffic control staff. Let's not forget too the loss of Lufthansa's subsidiary GermanWings flight in the French Alps which was tragically caused by pilot suicide.

The status miles awarded constitute around 10% of the qualification criteria for FTL and SEN levels, while for HON it is 5%. For some a mileage lump sum like this will not ameliorate the irritation of having to change your flights by a few days, but the fact they award status miles effectively lowers the re-qualification threshold, so the flights taken so far will count for more than they should have.

It's a small gesture of course, but in these days of rapidly diminishing airline benefits, anything counts.

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