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New Avios earning opportunities – BPme Rewards. Bonus just to sign up and transfer by 27th September.

Until the last couple of day, BPme Rewards had a fixed value of 0.5p per point at the point of redemption. You could buy fuel with it, you could exchange it for Amazon gift cards, or whatever else you could want from a forecourt store.

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British Airways have announced that effective immediately BPme points are now transferrable to Avios. For every 40 BPme points you send across, you will get 25 Avios. There is a small bonus of 50 Avios if you transfer your first batch before 27th September 2021.

How do you earn BPme Rewards points?

The earning structure is pretty straightforward, though not particularly generous. You earn:

  • 1 point for every litre of fuel (petrol or diesel)
  • 2 points for every litre of Ultimate branded fuel.
  • 1 point for ancillary products such as car washes, or other purchases within BP stores.

How do you convert your BPme Rewards to Avios?

Prior to transfer you will need to link your BPme Rewards account to your BAEC account (or vice versa) via the BA and BPme Rewards websites. There is an option to set up automatic monthly conversions, which is a great way to set it and forget it. There is a monthly cap of 30,000 BPme points being converted to Avios though this is only a real concern if you have a fleet of vehicles.

Bonus for getting a BPme Rewards

If you sign up for a new BPme Rewards account you can get 500 points (of which 480 points can be converted into 300 Avios). You can either download the App version or via the BPme website. There is an option to be referred which would give you and me 250 extra points on sign up

Bottom Line

Nice way to set and forget, and since BPme has very few other redemption options, the majority of readers of this blog are unlikely miss out from setting up a monthly auto-conversion.

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