Nostalgia alert: British Airways B747 getting a makeover with Landor livery

To go with the BOAC and BEA retro liveries there will be another Boeing 747 taking on a new lick of paint.

The lucky aircraft, registration G-BNLY, will come out of the paint shop with the “Landor” livery which featured on BA's planes between 1984-1997. Without giving too much of my age away, this brings back so much nostalgia for me as it was the predominant livery of my childhood years. It was also the livery of the Concorde before its retirement.

G-BNLY will also be re-named ‘City of Swansea’, the same name she used to have when she adorned the Landor colours.

For context, this is what the Landor design used to look like back in the day.

Like her BOAC counterpart it will carry this livery until its retirement in 2023. There is still one more paint job we're expecting to find out about. I do hope they go for those ‘ethnic' tail fins!


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  1. Most beautiful livery in BA history – who remembers the colours of the world debacle that was an unfitting end

  2. Love that BA are doing this and, like you, it was the predominant livery of my younger years! And the 1989 ad remains one of the best pieces of advertising ever – it gives me goosebumps.

  3. You would have thought that if BA are going to do a Negus livery retrojet, they’d unveil it before the Landor livery?

    Love that they’re also using heritage idents on the departure screens for flights operated by the retrojets when departing Heathrow.

    The BOAC aircraft and BEA design look amazing. Really looking forward to seeing & hopefully getting to fly on the Landor B747 – this is the British Airways that we remember growing up and for us this will be the most exciting to see! Not long to go now.

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