Portugal and Spain to Latin America in Business Class with Iberia starting from €1,097/£989

Amazing Business Class fares to go from Portugal or Spain to Argentina, Brazil, México and more with Iberia.

Some of these flights are partially operated by other airlines like British Airways, Interjet or LATAM.

Barcelona is the origin with the biggest availability, although the prices difference (with the exception of Buenos Aires) is not bigger than €150 in the other ones. Flying from Madrid to some of these destinations is non-stop.

So far this is what we could find:

Where can I go?

Starting airport: Barcelona, Lisbon, Madrid, Porto, Valencia

Connection Airport: Madrid

Destination airport:

  • Belo Horizonte €1,365
  • Bogota €1,496
  • Brasilia €1,396
  • Cancún €1,288
  • Curitiba €1,365
  • Goiana €1,411
  • Medellin €1,096
  • Mexico city €1,307
  • Montevideo €1,791
  • Quito €1,646
  • Rio de Janeiro €1,220
  • São Paulo €1,220

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Dates you can travel

The availability of these fares is very limited between the months of September and April 2021.

There is a minimum stay of 5 days and a maximum of 12 months. 30 days advance purchase also required.

As with all travel and COVID-19, you should check travel permissions prior to travel and take necessary precautions.

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