Pride of Holland: Roy from Vengaboys…as a KLM air steward?

Does anyone remember the Dutch superstars The Vengaboys? They were the ones to bring you such catchy/annoying hits as “We like to Party” and “Boom Boom Boom I want you in my room”

I can't tell whether it's official or not, but judging by his appearance and demeanour in this next video, I'm pretty convinced it's Roy as the protagonist. It was shot around 8 years ago on a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Heathrow according to the video's description.

Uploaded on Oct 14, 2006
On our way back from Rome, September 2005, a splendid flight from Amsterdam to Heathrow – an impromptu moment caught on digital camera of the best ever airline steward.

UPDATE (May 9th '07): It turns out this guy is Roy from Vengaboys. Who knew, eh? For months this video has been on YouTube and someone has just mentioned it. Upon careful examination, it is Roy himself. So, we all know what he's doing now… strange, but I can't help but think, after Vengaboys success etc – do you really go from “that” to being an airline steward? Hmmm, who knows. Regardless, he's such a great guy – and I hope he's enjoying life right now. He certainly deserves as such!

Having only just discovered this video myself, I can only say…what a career change!  Happy weekend everyone!

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