Quicktip: Looking for cheapest air fares to anywhere? Try Kayak…

The collapse in global oil prices has been making its mark in the airline industry. Long haul air fares are at the lowest I seen in over a decade!

If you are ever one to try to sniff out bargain travel, then I recommend some of these fares right now. It will depend on where you are travelling from, and I have only included a selected range here. You should head over to Kayak Explorer.

If you're up for travel to ANYWHERE, it's super powerful as an initial screening for cheapest fares booked in the last 48 hours. While you may not be able to snag exactly the same price as what's quoted, you will usually price out within 10% or so.


Above is a very quick first search from Amsterdam, and it can really draw your attention to some steals out there!

If you find a good destination and want to hone in on the details and specific dates or routings, then I suggest you look at my tutorial on how to use Google Flights.


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